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Tips to Use Orbs to Enhance Your Path of Exile Items Attributes


How do you think of playing Path of Exile? The game is super playable with a wide variety of playing methods due to its Skill Tree, which is undoubtedly a fun part in game to enjoy. What’s most interesting part in game is to use Path of Exile Orbs to modify or even copy the attribute of the equipment and path of exile items you’ve got!

Use Orbs to Enhance the Attribute Of POE Items

Orb of Alteration: We know there are 23 versions of orbs now, the most popular one is Orb of Alteration, which can change the magic attribute of POE items. The gem is super easy to get, yet its consumption is also large. If you get nice equipment with basic attribute, you can just use the Orbs to modify and create the attribute you want!

Chromatic Orb: Chromatic Orb can be used to change the colors of holes on the bow, yet it is difficult to get. If you get it, you can use it to adjust your bow and make it more suitable for your role in combat! You can also upgrade your bow/equipments with Blacksmith's Whetstone which isn’t belong to Orbs we are talking about, yet it’s really efficient in upgrading your bow to get damage improvement add quality attribute value!

Jeweller's Orb, Orb of Fusing: Besides the above cool orbs, there are also two popular and widely used orbs, Jeweller's Orb and Orb of Fusing! The Jeweller's Orb can be used to increase the quality of holes of your bow, while the Orb of Fusing can link two holes. Using the orbs to enhance your equipment, then your Skill Gems will improve your Support Gems, and then bring Support Gems into performance of attack!

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