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Home / Safewow News / Safewow Summer Fun: Buy WOW Gold over $150 to Gain Free Mounts

Safewow Summer Fun: Buy WOW Gold over $150 to Gain Free Mounts

Time: Jun 29, 2015

It’s not long after Father’s Day, but long before Halloween and Christmas. No reason to shopping? Absolutely not! Safewow first ever Summer Fun is coming with a series of crazy parties, and the first part is WOW Mount Giving. In the whole July, those who buy gold wow safe over $150 totally on Safewow will be rewarded a wow mount for free. Come to the crazy party now!

How to partake in the crazy party for free wow mounts?

It’s simple to join! You just need to buy WOW gold on Safewow as usual from July 1 to July 31, 2015. As long as you pay over $150 successfully for cheap wow gold EU or US on our site, you will have a chance get rewarded with a free WOW jewelry mount from Safewow. Here are the relevant tips about the activity:

1. During the whole July, pay over $150 for fast cheap wow gold successfully on Safewow, and you will get a chance to gain free wow mounts.

2. Based on the consumption records in July, we’ll choose the top 20 people to give each of them a free wow mount. That means, the more wow gold you purchase, the bigger chance you will gain for free WOW mounts.

3. Winners will be announced on Safewow Facebook on August 3, 2015. After that, each winner will receive a special code and link from our FB admins to claim his free mount.

What will wow mounts be rewarded winners?

There will be total 8 wow mounts for winners to choose as below:

Jade Panther on EU/US

Ruby Panther on EU/US

Sunstone Panther on EU/US

Sapphire Panther on EU/US

You need to choose the right one you want on our special page. Bear in mind that it is unalterable once you select one to place order.

PK will start on July 1, 2015 GMT. If you purchase over $150 wow gold on Safewow in the whole July, you will have a chance to gain one of the above mounts for free. Are you ready? Free World of Warcraft mount is waiting for you!

The Safewow Team