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Predicate New Abilities in the Next Expansion WoW 6.0!


With lots of leaks and reveals about the next game expansion WoW 6.0, I think WoW 6.0 is now under development and will come to us very soon! Then how do you expect this new patch, what new abilities you would love to have in 6.0? Today, I would love to have a personal predication and wish for the wow 6.0 to share! If your game gold is not sufficient, simply buy cheap wow gold on safewow with 15 minutes fast delivery!

Wish list for New Abilities in the WoW 6.0!

It has become a tradition that new ability will come along every time when there is new game updates, and I think, the next big expansion WoW 6.0 will have no exception, and will certainly get new abilities!

As we know lots of classes in WoW are already suffering a button bloat, so Blizzard may not add new buttons in the next game update. What’s more, with no new buttons added, the dev team my get more leeway to adjust existing buttons, and ensure classes will not get too powerful or infringe  on other class' territory!

Still, if there is no new class-based toys to play with, lots of WoW players may feel disappointed. So, I think Blizzard may try to add new abilities. It’s possible that Blizzard may provide new toys for classes through creating new passives that modify existing abilities or provide interesting bonuses. If so, I wish for having the tier 15 raid 2 piece set bonus become our new level 97 ability, so when attack, we can get a chance to summon an undead pet to assist us.

And, there might be returning abilities in the new expansion, if so, I would love to see a return of the old Wandering Plague, in which every disease tick has a chance to "explode" for extra AoE damage.

The above is my personal expectation and predication about wow 6.0. There are only some expose or some kind of rumors about WoW next expansion 6.0, without any official announcement, yet, it’s always interesting to anticipate and wish for what’s coming in! What is your wish list for the WoW 6.0? Have you got it? If not, we are glad to hear yours! And if you need gold to improve game experience in WoW world, buy cheap wow gold fast delivery in 15 minutes on safewow!

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