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Easy Beginner Tips to Game and Farm Neverwinter Astral Diamond!


We know Neverwinter just released its open beta several days ago, and the game Neverwinter is still new to lots of players. So safewow here will share some tips and tricks for beginners to make their game much easier and more interesting to play! If you are lack of neverwinter gold to game, come to purchase NWN diamond on safewow!

Easy Tips and Tricks For Beginners In Neverwinter

Reroll until 20: When you begin to make a character, it’s better for you to set your main attribute be 20 and secondary attribute 13, as the game doesn’t use actual DnD rule, it’s enhance main stats.

Farm astral diamonds: Just like other MMORPG gamers, the most important thing in game is farm more game gold. In Neverwinter, it’s most important to farm as many neverwinter nights astral diamond as possible, as you will need them to gain various stuffs and you can just trade them for zen!

Do your dailies: Doing dailies is great way to farm astral diamonds! So, at the beginning of your playing the game, do the Daily PvP, Daily Dungeon, Daily Skirmish and Daily Foundry before trying to do other quests.

Pray to your God: Don’t forget to invoke each hour, as it will give you some random buff and potions! The first three invoking will net your some Rough Astral Diamonds.

Consumable slots are extra inventory slot: You can put your potions and other consumables in consumable slots to save you some inventory space.

Upgrade your Enchantments: When you level is high enough, you are able to get runestones/enchantments, each 4 of which can combine into a higher rank. So try to upgrade your enchantments every time you have 4 runestones/enchantments, high rank offers better effect for you equipment!

Craft is important: With higher ranks, you can start doing crafting missions which takes 2 hours to finish, and this will net your great amount of neverwinter nights diamond. So do the mission again and again to get maximum profit of NWN gold!

The above are some very basic and easy tips for beginners to start in Neverwinter, if you just start playing the game, you can view these tips for reference! Wish you have a good time in Neverwinter adventure!

The Safewow Team

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