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Buying 2007 RuneScape Gold Pay With Phone on Safewow!

Time: Jul 03, 2013

Do you still think that you just can’t make any purchase when you don’t have any bank account, credit card or paypal account? Well, nothing is impossible! Here on safewow, we accept Pay by Phone, even if you don’t have any bank account, credit card or paypal account, you can still buy cheap rs gold 2007 easily with your Phone! No fussy phone confirmation needed!

Pay by Phone is Easy and Safe!

1. It’s handy and convenient, you can make a purchase of RS 07 gold anywhere simply with your phone.
2. It’s pretty safe, paying with phone, no bank account, credit card details needed, so none of your significant private information will be exposed.
3. It’s rather easy, no fussy phone confirmation is needed.
4. It’s comparably fast, and the paying process is very simple and easy to be finished in just one minute!

How to Process Payment with Your Phone?

1. Choose the 2007scape gold you want to buy, process to checkout.
2. Select Pay by Phone as your payment method.
3. Log into your Onebip account. Or simply register one for free in one minute.
4. Make sure your Onebip account gets enough cash for the payment.
5. Click Pay to confirm and complete your payment.

After your payment is finished, contact our 24/7 live chat for us to arrange your delivery, our fast delivery will come in 15 minutes!

Runescape 07 Gold Sale with 100% Safety, 15 Minutes Fast Delivery!

RuneScape 2007 gold sale on safewow always enjoy cheap price as we adjust our product price very constantly. Our 24/7 live chat is always online for customer support, so whenever you want to buy 07 rs gold, you can simply come to buy, our fast delivery is always offered within 15 minutes fast payment!

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The Safewow Team