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Age of Wushu Getting New Factions and Character Trading!


After the reveal of Palace of Moving Flowers, Rootless Clan, and the school-less factions, Snail Game announced the 4th new faction coming to the China server, Villa of the Beasts! Feel exciting to experience new adventure and enhance your martial art enjoy in game? Buy age of wushu gold on safewow now, get ready to enjoy the new factions character trading soon!

New Factions in Age of Wushu

Good news for all Age of Wushu fans, we can look forward to new factions and schools in age of wushu soon in the future! After the Palace of Moving Flowers, Rootless Clan, and the school-less factions, Snail Game announced another new faction, Villa of the Beasts, a school deep in the wilds that focuses on hand-to-hand combat in nature. Also, there are hints that players will be able to eventually get a pet companion!

The upcoming 6 new faction/schools/clans:

Palace of Moving Flowers – None mentioned, just the most secretive of all factions.
Rootless Clan – None mentioned, just that all members are kind of castrated.
Xu Manor – Specialize in living skills.
Shen “Golden Needle” Family – Specialize in medication and acupuncture.
Peach Blossom Island – Specialize in facial augmentation (for disguise, spy missions etc).
Villa of the Beasts – Specialize in taming animals.

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Character Trading System

Developer Snail Game is currently testing out a character trading system in China’s test server, allowing players to sell their characters in a new online market without having to sell all the entire account, also without any risk hacking. There is currently no any schedule for this coming to the game in the West, but we think it will be just a matter of time! As whether this trading system is good or not, it depends on your testing! So, don’t miss to try and say your words!

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